Mini Cross Electric


R10 form 4/7 years / R12 from 8/12 years. Everyday, around the world, there are many kids trying to make their first experiences on a motorbike. BETA The Play Bike
Enduro 2 Stroke

Beta RR 2T

Beta RR 250/300 2T.Version replica Racing with some improvements in components.
Enduro 4 Stroke

RR 350 EFI/390/430/480

RR 4Stroke 350EFI/390/430/480   RR ENDURO 4T 350EFI /390/430/480 THE REVOLUTION CONTINUES! BETA The Play Bike

Freeride 250-F

FREERIDE 250-F: The new KTM Freeride 250-F unites extremely easy handling with a low seat height and outstanding ergonomics. KTM “Ready To Race”
Enduro 2 Stroke

RR 50

A revolution in the 50 cc. New range and real bike feeling. BETA The Play Bike

RR 250/300

RR 2 Stroke 250 / 300 RR ENDURO 2T 250/300 EXCELLENCE! BETA The Play Bike
4 Stroke Cross

250 SX-F

250 SX-F: The world champion concept. KTM “Ready To Race”
4 Stroke Cross

350 SX-F

350 SX-F: The high flier. KTM “Ready To Race”
2 Stroke Cross

150 SX

150 SX: The golden mean. KTM “Ready To Race”
4 Stroke Cross

450 SX-F

450 SX-F: Packed with power. KTM “Ready To Race”
2 Stroke Cross

125 SX

125 SX: The contender. KTM “Ready To Race”
2 Stroke Cross

250 SX

250 SX: Pure two-stroke power. KTM “Ready To Race”
Enduro 4 Stroke

250 EXC-F

250 EXC-F Success garanteed. KTM “Ready To Race”
Sport Minicycles

85 SX 19/16

85 SX: The full-size Pro-Bike. Seat height 890 mm. KTM “Ready To Race”
Sport Minicycles

50 SX

50 SX: The perfect launchpad into the MX world. KTM “Ready To Race”
Enduro 4 Stroke

350 EXC-F

350 EXC-F The dawning of a new era. KTM “Ready To Race”
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