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    Creamy yelow lubricant designed all chains of off road bikes and ATV's, for chains with or without O-Rings. Diperses the deposits of sand, mud and dir, increases the life of the chain, water resistant and protects against rust, protection in muddy and wet conditions.    

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    100% syntetic 2-stroke lubricant, Ester technology. Optimal power & protection, developed for last generation of 2-stroke engines: direct injection system ar carburettor. Anti smoke formula, suitable for oil injector systemes or premix. Leaded or unleaded gasoline, suitable for catalytic converters.   We have full range of Motul products.

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    Lubricant specially formulated for the gearboxes with submerged clutch, separated of the motor oil.Gearbox housing separate from the engine crankcase.

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    EASY START-UP: With is new low viscosity technosynthese formula, SNOWPOVER 2T helps 2-stroke snowmobiles ta start up easily in the coldest weather down to -45ºC. POWER VALVE PROTECTION: ESTER and low-solvent technology reduce deposits and leave the power valves completely clean, low odour, antismoke formulation for premix ar injector.  

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items